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Congratulations on your new tattoo!

Here are some tattoo aftercare instructions we’ve put together to help with healing your tattoo over the next few weeks.


Please read all instructions carefully:


    1. Your new tattoo has most likely been wrapped with cling film* - please keep this on for around 3-4 hours.


*For some colour tattoos we will use a special wrap that is designed to stay in place while the tattoo “wet heals” - if this is the case for you, alternative instructions will have been discussed.


    2. When you remove the clingfilm, wash your tattoo with warm water using a non fragranced, antibacterial soap (we recommend Dettol soap bars). Pat dry with a clean towel.


    3. Rewrap your tattoo with clingfilm and tape in place for the first night to avoid sticking to your bed sheets/pyjamas.


    4. The next morning please wash your tattoo gently, you will notice lots of ‘gunk’ has settled over the top of the tattoo overnight - it can look like the tattoo is oozing ink but this is completely normal. Plasma discharge and seat need to be wiped away following the instructions above in Step 2.


    5. After each wash, apply Palmers Cocoa Butter or an aftercare balm/lotion that has been advised by your Tattoo Artist. Ensure the product is rubbed right in - if you can still see cream, you’ve applied too much and this can damage the healing process. 


    6. Bathe and shower as normal, but DO NOT SOAK your tattoo. This includes avoiding saunas, swimming pools, jacuzzis etc. Until the tattoo is fully healed.


    7. Expect your tattoo to ache for a few days.


    8. A scab will form over the tattoo around day three. DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK - if it’s itchy, just tap it lightly with your hand.


    9. It will take several weeks for the skin to return back to normal and you should expect a slightly shiny ‘silver skin’ to form over the top of the tattoo by week three - this is totally normal as the body heals.


    10.  If you have any concerns at all, please call in and see us or just contact us - we’re super nice!

Please call with any questions or concerns:
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