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We have a minimum charge of £50.

What is your shop’s minimum charge?

The cost of a tattoo depends on many factors such as size, detail, placement, etc. All artists price their own tattoos. Quotes are very difficult to give over the phone or email, a more accurate quote can be given in person via a consultation with an artist.

How much will my tattoo cost?

We accept Cash, Debit/Credit Cards and Halifax Tattoo Gift Cards.

How can I pay for my tattoo? 

Each artist has their own portfolio of work available to view on our site, their socials and at the shop. All of our artists are experienced and versatile to suit your individual needs. Each Artist also have their own unique style and vision. If you are unsure, just ask and we will match you with the artist that is best for you.

How do I choose a Tattoo Artist?

Halifax Tattoo is a alcohol and drug-free establishment. It’s illegal and unethical to tattoo someone under the influence.

Is it ok to to have alcoholic beverages before getting tattooed?

Fading is normal due to the natural ageing process of the skin. However, sun exposure is a common cause for fading so we always recommend sun protection during the sunny period. Taking care of your tattoo (per aftercare) is the best way to prevent early fading and ensures the longevity of your artwork.

Will my tattoo fade?

Covering an old tattoo or a fixable solution is variable on different factors. We advise scheduling an appointment with an Artist to discuss your options, this could be re-tattooing or possible laser removal. We have our own in house Laser Removal specialist. 

Can you fix or cover my old tattoo?

Covering an old tattoo depends on many factors so it is best to schedule a consultation with an artist to discuss options, including tattooing or possibly laser tattoo removal. GNN refers clients to Renewal Laser Clinic as a trusted partner for professionally and most importantly safe and proper removals.

What aftercare products does Halifax Tattoo recommend?

We love our Canadian clients but we are based in Halifax, UK. To see where we are click here.

Are you based in Halifax, Nova Scotia?

Healing times vary greatly depending on the piercing that you have done. Our piercer will advise you when they go through the aftercare.

How long will my piercing take to heal?

One of the best materials for your fresh and healed piercings is implant-grade titanium (ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI). A high-polish is necessary to help prevent infection and promote healing, which is why we only pierce with the best quality jewellery available, from companies such as Junipurr & Industrial Strength.

What type of metal do you recommend to be pierced with?

The majority of piercings will heal considerably better with a bar or stud. When a ring is situated in a piercing, there can be a lot more scope for irritation from the movement of the jewellery.

We are always happy to advise which jewellery type would be best for whatever your chosen piercing might be. 

Even if a stud isn’t your first choice, there will only be a few month’s wait before your piercing will be ready for a change.

Should I have a ring or bar/stud?

In this scenario it would be best to book a consultation if you’re concerned about getting an area repierced. 

Can you pierce through an old piercing site?

This can vary from person-to-person & piercing-to-piercing. A consultation would be best if you’re unsure what jewellery is suitable for your piercing.

What are the common jewellery sizes for my piercing?

Earlobe piercing is available from 14+ with a parent or legal guardian present, and photo ID.

Everything else is available from 16+ with photo ID, with the exception of tongue, nipple, & genital piercing which is 18+ with photo ID.

What age can I get pierced at?

Yes! In short, laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective method for getting rid of that old ink.

Do you offer laser tattoo removal? 



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