Right guys, our new laser room is very close to being completed, we will have 2 trained members of staff that will be able to help you out with any questions and queries you might have.

The way it works when you have the treatment is that the laser we use can get through the different layers of the skin into the tattoo pigment that’s in the dermis of the skin, causing it to heat up, break down and fragment into smaller pieces. The more sessions you have the more it’ll break down and eventually disappear. The end result completely depends on the levels of colour in your tattoo as some colours react better to laser treatment than others. Another advantage to laser removal is to partially laser a tattoo to lighten it to make a cover up easier.

Keep checking our website and facebook for updates! More details coming soon! Please contact us on any of the below if you have any questions 🙂

Email: info@halifaxtattoo.co.uk   Phone: 01422 367554   Facebook: Halifax Tattoo Collective 

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