Starting in August we have the amazing Luke Iley joining our sister studio –All Seeing Eye– for evening sessions!

Luke specialises in extreme body mods which includes ear reconstruction and scarification.

Luke has 18 years experience in the piercing and body mod industry. He was trained by Tanya Horsley at Metal Guru in Teesside and has continued his education to become one of the North’s leading piercing & scarification artists. He prides himself in giving a high level of customer service and uses the best quality jewellery and equipment for all piercings and procedures.

Health, cleanliness and knowledge are also very important to Luke, which is why he’s working his way towards becoming UKAPP registered by 2018. For more information on what that is check out:-

If you would like any more information or would like to discuss booking in please contact Luke directly via email –

You can also give his Instagram a follow for more updates on his recent work – @stabbyluke

Some of Lukes work can be seen below 🙂