Starting in August we have the amazing Luke Iley joining our sister studio –All Seeing Eye– for evening sessions!

Luke specialises in extreme body mods which includes ear reconstruction and scarification.

Luke has 18 years experience in the piercing and body mod industry. He was trained by Tanya Horsley at Metal Guru in Teesside and has continued his education to become one of the North’s leading piercing & scarification artists. He prides himself in giving a high level of customer service and uses the best quality jewellery and equipment for all piercings and procedures.

Health, cleanliness and knowledge are also very important to Luke, which is why he’s working his way towards becoming UKAPP registered by 2018. For more information on what that is check out:- http://www.ukapp.org.uk

If you would like any more information or would like to discuss booking in please contact Luke directly via email – stabby.luke@gmail.com

You can also give his Instagram a follow for more updates on his recent work – @stabbyluke

Some of Lukes work can be seen below 🙂

Female sternum/underboob tattoos

Sternum tattoos are a gorgeous feminine tattoo that frills out under the breasts in lovely patterns featuring mandalas and lace, with beading and jewels hanging down. They can be little intricate designs or big mandalas that can be added to over time, both draw attention and make fabulous pieces to make your body art that little bit different. Sharday and Steve have been on the sternum hype over the past few months and love designing unique pieces for their clients. Some examples are below, if you’re interested in anything like this please get in touch either by

E-mail: info@halifaxtattoo.co.uk — Phone: 01422 367554 -or- Facebook: Halifax Tattoo Collective


Dotwork Tattoos at Halifax Tattoo Collective

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Dotwork is becoming a massive trend within the tattooing industry, it involves lots of tiny dots to create shading and in Mandalas can create an almost 3D effect. Our artist Sharday specialises in dotwork and has really got it spot on, some examples of her recent work can be seen above. If you’re interested in any dotwork pieces please get in touch!

Email: info@halifaxtattoo.co.uk  Phone: 01422 367554  Facebook: Halifax Tattoo Collective

Piercing in Halifax at the Halifax Tattoo Collective

The Halifax Tattoo Collective now has it’s very own private piercing studio with a full time experienced and professional piercer Sam Booth!

If you’re in or around Halifax and would like to get pierced it’s done on a first come first served basis so no need to make an appointment, just pop in and ask for Sam.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday – 11:00 am till 5pm.

Halifax Tattoo Collective (opposite the rear of Yates’s pub)
20 Silver Street
West Yorkshire

All types of piercing are available to find out more CLICK HERE

Tattoo Freeze 2016 – Fun times and awards for the Halifax Tattoo Collective!

We’ve just come back from a VERY long day at the Tattoo Freeze convention down in Telford. What a show. Such a great vibe and atmosphere with so much going on and lots of friends and familiar faces within the tattoo community.

The convention was a good 2+ hours drive from Halifax and so we’d set off early in order to get down and set up in time for the doors opening to the public.

12654162_10207043714722658_4206977173636784211_nRoad Tip!

Steve was lucky enough to have a customer pre-booked in that’d driven all the way up from South Wales to get tattooed by him at the convention and even luckier that they were after a Star wars piece as this is pretty much one of Steve’s favorite things to tattoo.

Working under the ‘All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge’ studio name (our other studio based in Liversedge) for no other reason than pthat’s the only banner Steve has got round to getting made up! Ha!


So a Stormtrooper dotwork design had been done and had been approved for the customer and Steve cracked on with getting the tattoo done.. 5+ hours later and he’d seen enough dots to last him a lifetime.


Steve being interviewed mid tattoo for something, not sure what but they asked a lot of questions!


Long way to go!

There was a few tattoo categories at Tattoo Freeze such as Best colour, best black and grey, best Japanese, Best blackwork and there was also a best Star Wars category which is what we entered the piece into. And it won!


It’s always a fantastic thing to be recognised amongst your fellow artists for any work that you’ve done, and awards are a good example of this, especially when you’re up against some real quality work from artists that you look upto yourself.


We have a lot of tattoo conventions that we’re working this year, if you’re ever at one and we’re there, pop over and say hi!


What a great day. Massive thanks too to Lynden and Sharday for helping Steve out loads at the show!

To book in either at the Halifax tattoo studio or at one of the upcoming tattoo conventions email: info@halifaxtattoo.co.uk



Steve is working the Tattoo Freeze Convention Jan 31st 2016


Another year and it’s already the start of the Tattoo Conventions. First on our list of conventions we’re attending is the Tattoo Freeze Convention based down in Telford.

It’s a great family day out with plenty to see such as BMX and Skateboard demo’s, Roller Derby, ice sculptures, body painting and of course a massive hall full of tattoo artists among many other things to see and do! Why not pop on down and say hi!

You can find more information on http://www.tattoofreeze.com

The best tattoo studio in Halifax

So you’re looking for a new, cool tattoo? Brilliant, what’s your first move?… Go into the first studio you see and pick something off the wall and get tattooed?


Your first job should be.. Do your research!

Halifax Tattoo Collective Studio

Halifax Tattoo Collective Studio

We have just opened the doors of the Halifax Tattoo Collective, West Yorkshire and have noticed that ALL the people that pop into the shop ask the very same first question: “How much do you charge?”..

ok, this is a fair enough question because customers need to have an idea what their tattoo is going to cost.. However, should cost be the first priority when getting something permanently tattooed onto you?

I have seen it time and time again, customers basing their tattoo artist choice on getting the job done cheap… Here’s a heads up.. ‘Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos aren’t good.’ It’s pretty much that simple.

You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for

So what should be your first question? How about, “Can I see some examples of your tattoo work?’ Would be a very good start. Any tattoo artist worth his salt should be able to show you a portfolio of consistently good tattoos. If they can’t, avoid them.

There is always someone willing to go cheaper.. But you risk an awful lot. If money is your only main priority when choosing a tattoo you could end up in someone’s kitchen getting tattooed by an unlicensed artist with little to no knowledge of basic hygiene, cross contamination and blood borne pathogens and then you’re risking way more than just a bad tattoo!

Call in and see us at the Halifax Tattoo Collective, ask to see examples of our artists work… Or look at the Galleries on this website and compare it to the other local studios work and make a more informed decision.

We design up each tattoo, so each tattoo is a custom, one off tattoo just for you!

You will forget the cost of a tattoo in no time at all.. You won’t forget the tattoo you get!

Opening VERY soon!!

We have been hard at work getting the Halifax Tattoo Collective ready to open this first week in September 2015 and that date is nearly upon us.

Our doors will be flung open for business on the 2nd September for the first time and we cannot wait to start seeing you guys and your tattoo needs!

We have a fantastic artist list as part of our Collective. With some of the best local artists will be coming in on occasional days to bring the town of Halifax some fantastic tattoo work!

So if you’re looking for an awesome tattoo, stop by and check us out.

All being well we should be having a bit of an open day for everyone to be able to stop by and check us out on Saturday the 5th if it all goes to plan!

Email enquiries to: info@halifaxtattoo.co.uk